Serbia is famous for its astonishing variety of natural landscapes. Beautiful mountains, numerous rivers, thick pine forests, rolling green hills and sand dunes can be all found within hours of each other.


The country also offers an attractive blend of dynamic exteriors and modern infrastructure. Ottoman spires and medieval Orthodox churches, Austro-Hungarian fortifications and ubiquitous socialist concrete blocks, monasteries and pristinely preserved art nouveau buildings, tell compelling stories about Serbian rich socio-cultural history. The combination of different architectural styles and scenic natural beauties means Serbia can double for a broad spectrum of global filming locations.


Wide-ranging production services for any project requirement represent one of Serbia’s key advantages. Production companies located here are creative, innovative and hard-working, producing insightful content and providing excellent and cost-competitive services. Many experienced, skilled, professional and highly motivated crew are available to suit each specific production.


Crater Production collaborates with professional construction teams and film studios in Belgrade: Avala Film and state of the art studios at Pink Film International.


We can provide you with readily available equipment and all the technology located on the territitory of Europe.