Crater Studio Production is division of one of the most reputable regional studios for creation of visual effects – Crater Studio.

Since 2005, Crater Studio portfolio has numerous feature films and TV commercials, and our references are primarily made of cooperation with foreign producers and directors. We apply long-standing successful experience in realization of visual effects for Hollywood productions in providing production services.

When realizing every project, we work with best film and television professionals from Serbia. We pay special attention to engaging experienced and skillful crews.  


Lightstream Animation Studios

Petaluma, California, USA

Lightstream Animation Studios has been collaborating and working with Crater Studio for over seven years. In 2010 we worked on our first feature film "Shark Night 3D" and have continued to work on numerous projects together. Crater Studio is a top notch VFX company and an amazing group of artists to work with. They consistently deliver high-quality work on tight schedules and within budget. Crater Studio has proven their dedication, talent, and skill repeatedly. We highly recommend their facility for high-end visual effects projects.



Mimi Medel

Visual effects,executive producer

Reliance MediaWorks subcontracted some work to Crater Studio on the project Shark Night 3D. Crater delivered outstanding work and I found them to be extremely accommodating especially when they were asked to re-do shots/elements. I will definitely work with them again on another project!



Alexandra Altrocchi Wolbach

VFX Producer

I worked with Crater Studio on Shark Night 3D project. Whatever the task given, Crater always delivered enthusiastically, on time and with assets that were production ready. Even with the time difference, communication between us was seamless. I wouldn't hesitate to use Crater Studio again for any project, large or small!



Ginger Theisen

VFX Producer

Crater did an excellent job on the CG work in the film The Other Guys.  They modeled, painted and animated the CG helicopter in the scene where it gets hit by a golf ball causing it to go out of control and crash.  The director, Adam McKay, and I were really happy with how the scene turned out.  They also did a great job on the motorcycle/car chase scenes.  The work with Crater and other facilities was seamless. I highly recommend Crater for the CG work. 


Gregor Lakner

VFX Supervisor

As a VFX Supervisor, I recently had the pleasure to complete the post-production on the second major Hollywood production in which Crater Studio, from Belgrade had participated on as one of the lead and most capable vendor facilities. Both The Other Guys and Shark nights 3D projects had a number of creative and technical hurdles to overcome. A young and motivated team of artists under capable leadership of Crater's own VFX Supervisor, Petar Jovovic approached the challenges with enthusiasm and dedication.

For the movie The Other Guys  (directed by Adam McKay) Crater had, among other shots, created a complex helicopter crash sequence and a long time-freeze shot comprised of several vignettes in which Will Farrell's and Mark Whalberg's characters terrorize 'the usual suspects' of the local bar scene.

In SHARK NIGHTS 3D, which was directed by David Ellis, Crater created VFX work for the under-water Great White shark sequence, the above water shots for the Hammerhead sequence and was integral in creating the two most complex slow-motion shots – attack of shark on one of the lead characters. 

Crater has on these two productions proven that it is creatively and technically able to tackle some of the most challenging VFX sequences and can easily be integrated into any large Hollywood post-production process. It was a pleasure working with Petar and his team members.